News 01/01/2017



The School of Garden Management are running the next series of seminars entitled ‘Looking to the future, May 19th at Petworth.


These seminars form the Introduction to The Professional Garden Consultants Association, and anyone wishing to join must attend this event as part of the accreditation. They provide a comprehensive look at the nature of Consultancy, and offer the opportunity to decide your niche area and discover the potential for marketing your business.


They are open to anyone interested in becoming a Professional Consultant.





The School of Garden Management are running the next series of seminar workshops entitled ‘Developing Your Consultancy’ and form the second and final Accreditation before becoming entitled to use the letters designate of the Association – MPGCA. (Subject to status)


These seminar workshops will discuss and work with genuine, in-depth examples and live demonstrations of actual commissions and dealing with their ramifications. A major part of the event is to examine the Inner Workings of the Consultancy world, and show how to access markets that are only available to Professional Consultants.


The dates are March 11th  (Petworth),  March 24th  (Hemel Hempstead) and May 20th  (Petworth).




For more details and booking  forms for  both events, please email or telephone 01798 867460 (Private number for Alan Sargent)